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Joy & Max

Once Joy came in to discuss the trauma the Max had experienced and also his present classroom behaviors, it was necessary to make a CPS report...


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Joy & Max

Joy was overwhelmed by emotion and had disclosed having sleepless nights as it was difficult for her to process the events that Max experienced. Joy was invited to come back to discuss further proceedings in this case. Once Joy came in to discuss the trauma the Max had experienced and also his present classroom behaviors, it was necessary to make a CPS report. Joy was also encouraged to engage in Building A Generation’s Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) while also enrolling into on-site counseling services so that they could both increase their social supports and overall mental health. Joy was ready for the next step and enrolled in the Parenting Program.


After careful discussion, Max was referred to long-term counseling program  immediately and was engaged in services within two weeks. Max continues to receive counseling support and Joy is receiving counseling services as well. Both Joy and Max have also continued to be consistent in participating in the parenting classes and Joy has expressed a relief in emotions and has a better understanding of how to approach and nurture her grandson.


Overall, Joy realized the importance of continuing long-term care and has shown significant improvement in her coping. Max is a bright young boy and under proper care, has improved in his classroom behaviors. Joy has said, “I learned that trauma is handled one step at a time and I feel happier knowing that I can come back to the FRC anytime.”


Building A Generation continues to serve families just like Joy and Max to help them thrive.

Tatiana and Jaylea

Tatiana is 31 year old African American single mother. She is raising four children on her own, with the help of extended family. Tatiana is employed as a security guard at night in order to be present for her children during the day. Tatiana has limited income and is restricted to activities that are free or low cost.  Tatiana learned about the Family Resource Center and the TUBS program from her daughter’s pre-school teacher. Tatiana wanted to participate in the TUBS program along with her daughter, Jaylea, in order to increase her knowledge of child development, improve the quality of her relationship with Jayleah, and learn about community resources. Tatiana and Jayleah completed the first three TUBS sessions as planned.

Unexpectedly, Tatiana’s mother passed away and the family stopped attending TUBS. The maternal grandmother was not only loved by the children, she was also Tatiana’s biggest support. After several weeks, Tatiana returned to the Family Resource Center. Tatiana sat down with BAG staff to develop new goals for her family. Tatiana shared how her mother’s death caused financial strain for her family. She was also concerned about the negative impact the death would have on the children. Tatiana was able to access needed financial and clothing assistance during a difficult time. Tatiana’s children were also referred to a community agency for grief counseling. Tatiana was also able to identify her own strengths and establish a network of support for her children. Despite the challenges she faced as a parent, Tatiana resumed participation in the TUBS program. 

By enrolling in the TUBS program, Tatiana was able to identify her own network of support in order to improve her family’s resiliency in coping with the death of a loved one.


Tatiana was able to identify her own strengths, access needed community services, and obtain support when it mattered most


Finn is an 8 year old Latino boy. He lives with his grandmother and great grandparents. At the time he was working with staff at one of our Family Resource Centers, his father was in jail, his mother was in rehab and his oldest brother had just joined the Marines. Finn has had a rough and lonely life.

Before enrolling in counseling, Finn would struggle with his anger. Often he would shut down  in class, throw papers all over the room and scratch himself until he bled. His mood and temperament was like a roller-coaster of highs and lows. He struggled to make friends and keep the ones he did have. He was socially isolated. His teacher at school was very patience and would do everything in his power to get Finn through the day without any trouble but, he would often have to send Finn home early due to his disruptive behaviors in class.

After getting a referral from Finn's teacher, our staff met with Finn’s Grandmother and provided counseling for Finn.  With counseling, Finn learned the tools he needed to control his emotions and bad episodes, by showing him that he can beat back negative with his own thoughts. Now, Finn still had his bad days, but his behavior stabilized more and he had someone to talk to. While it is an uphill battle to break the cycle of poor mental health in his family. together with his teachers and grandmother, the Family Resource Center staff is giving Finn the footing and strategies to win his fight and make gains both in the classroom and playground.


By providing a healthy circle of social support for Finn, he continues to get the support he needs for personal, social, and academic growth.  It has been a long road since starting with BAG. Finn used to be sent home early multiple times a week and now just has rare episodes where has been able to reflect and apologize when confronted with his mistakes.


 He is a happier kid now. It hasn't been easy, but real progress never is.   


Danny is a Hispanic 1st grade student. Danny's mother walked into the Family Resource Center asking about counseling services for her 1st grade son.  She explained that she was having a difficult time getting her son to school each morning.  In fact, he would get so upset that he would get physically sick and start throwing up.  


Danny was enrolled in  onsite counseling services through Building A Generation.  He was also engaged in our BOOST- school achievement program to give him the additional support he needed.  At the end of his first session and when BAG staff was ready to walk him back to class, he came to tears and threw up right in her office. Danny's mother had to come to school, gather his things and take him home.  At the end of the second session when it was time for Danny to return to class, he was getting very upset again but our staff was able to ease his mind enough for them to go to his class and gather his things together before his mom picked him up. 


While waiting for his mom to arrive, Danny shared that he didn't want to come to school because a specific boy "says mean things to him".  When Danny told his mom this before, the Mom said that he had but she just figured it was an excuse for him to miss school. Danny's mother gave permission for our staff to speak with his teacher. It turned out the boy actually sat next to Danny in class. Once the teacher was made aware, she assured that she would continue to keep an eye on them and immediately had the boy not sit next to Danny anymore. When Danny was picked up from class for his third session, he told our staff, "You know, I think when you take me back to class, I think I'll go and not cry." This was a big milestone and turning point for Danny once he felt the care and support of his mom, teacher, and BAG staff. As for the other boy, the teacher also asked if we could work with the other boy because, often times, if children are bullying others, it is indicative of something that happening at home. BAG staff reached out to the boy and his parents to provide support as well.


Our staff continued to work with Danny for three months. Danny’s attendance went from an average of being late 3 days a week (60%) for the first month of BOOST, to attending school on time every day (100%) by the second month and consistently achieved 100% attendance onto the third month of participation in BOOST.


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