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Our Programs & Services


Student Success

Bridging the achievement gap by providing equitable access to positive learning environments through academic support and experiential learning activities that foster prosocial behaviors, character-building, social emotional development and positive school outcomes.




We work together with families in assessing and goal-planning to become their own advocates and learn how to effectively access and utilize services to move them toward self-sufficiency.

Career Pathway

Education, job skills training, job search assistance, resume preparation, job interview skills, career advancement assistance.

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Mental Health



We provide coping skills to enhance personal well-being and social relationships. Includes workshops, counseling and support groups.

Kids Pack

Weekend emergency food and hygiene for students. Students often rely on free and reduced priced lunches at school for their meals and therefore rely on the Kids Packs to receive food on weekends.




Evidence-based parenting classes designed to provide parents with techniques and tools to reduce oppositional defiance, tantrums, repetitive redirection, and over-stimulatory behaviors while building strong, positive relationships with children of all ages. Wraparound services are also offered to support other unmet needs that may be barriers to participate.

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